Saturday, February 03, 2007

Islam and the Green Left

When I accuse the left of being in a de facto political alliance with Islamic fascist, I often encounter doubt. I've been suggesting David Horowitz's book, Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, but David Horowitz is hardly the guy to convince someone on the moderate left—even if Horowitz is right. Thus, I needed to come up with a better argument. I now have some talking points about the left/muslim alliance in Europe. I only learned these details yesterday, when I was inspired by Snouck's blog which I found at the Infidel Blogger's Alliance to read the Wikipedia about Dutch political parties. It was the GreenLeft Party—a left-wing environmental party that I found particular disturbing. While the GreenLeft's Party economic policy is considerably more sane than the Dutch Socialist Party, a Marxist Party, it surprisingly seems to exceed it in attracting Islamic radicals.

The GreenLeft party has had two radical Islamic terrorists as members of parliament. I suppose one could be overlooked given the randomness on Earth, but two is too much when the GreenLeft currently has seven members in the lower house and five in the upper house. This is after an election in which the GreenLeft did relatively well. One GreenLeft party member and so called “human rights activist”, Farah Karimi, disclosed in a book her participation in the Iranian Revolution. Her revelation was greeted with silence as she had already told the party board. In November 2005, the GreenLeft party board asked Sam Pormes to give up his seat in the Upper House of Dutch Parliament, because “continuing rumors about his involvement with guerrilla-training in Yemen in the 1970s and the 1977 train hijacking by Moluccan youth and allegations of welfare fraud were harmful for the party.” When Pormes refused to step down, the party board tried to expel him from the party. In March 2006, a general party meeting sided with Pormes, and party chair Herman Meijer resigned. In other words, the GreenLeft party activists weren't only just fine with having a member of the Iranian revolution as a member of the party, they approved of having a known terrorist and welfare cheat as their representative in government—over the objection of their party's leadership. I don't know what could say de facto alliance better than that.

As an avid environmentalist, this radical Islam/Green alliance puzzles me. Of course, as I have ranted for ages, Green parties are actually Red parties who have appropriated environmentalism much to the determent of environmentalism. Still, Green Parties have some residual concern about the environment--even if misdirected--as in this instance: how do people who worry about greenhouse gases oppose nuclear power? Admittedly, the Green energy solution relies on renewable sources, but it is peculiar that a group of people who sneer at Creationism propose an energy policy every bit as magical. To give the Greens the benefit of the doubt, my wanting to look at the details is such a weird anal-rententive fetish. Anyway, I suppose the more urgent question here is why do people who oppose nuclear power think it is just dandy for Iran to have atomic weapons?

The flip side of this question is why are muslims willing to join Green parties. Blowing stuff up hardly strikes me as an expression of concern for the Earth. I suppose there has been some environmental terrorism--which may make sense internally--but its motivation is far different than Islamic wars of conquest. There is something about imperialism (and especially of the Islamic variety) that just doesn't jibe with environmentalism. Why wouldn't jihadists join the Dutch Socialist Party, which received more than three times as many votes as the GreenLeft party. Marxist romanticism about revolution is similar to muslim sentiments about jihad. Also, I can't help but note that one of the important environmental issues is greenhouse gases, and muslim holy men tend to come from countries with a strong interest in doing nothing about reducing greenhouse gases.

My suspicion the reason for this Green Left/Muslim alliance is that the multiculturalism cult has done most damage among the type of environmentalists who considers themselves trendy and intellectual. Sadly, this bizarre alliance seems to be spreading to the United States. The Democratic National Committee at their winter meeting had a pro-Hezbollah iman speak. I bet this iman claims to think the environment is an important issue.

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